Display property

Quickly and responsively toggle the display value of elements. Includes support for some of the more common values.



<div class="d-inline example">d-inline</div> <div class="d-inline examples">d-inline</div>
d-block d-block
<span class="d-block example">d-block</span> <span class="d-block example">d-block</span>

Hiding elements

For faster mobile-friendly development, use responsive display classes for showing and hiding elements by device. Avoid creating entirely different versions of the same site, instead hide element responsively for each screen size.

To hide elements simply use the .d-none class or one of the .d-{sm,md,lg,xl}-none classes for any responsive screen variation.

To show an element only on a given interval of screen sizes you can combine one .d-*-none class with a .d-*-* class, for example .d-none .d-md-block .d-xl-none will hide the element for all screen sizes except on medium and large devices.

Screen Size Class
Hidden on all .d-none
Hidden only on xs .d-none .d-sm-block
Hidden only on sm .d-sm-none .d-md-block
Hidden only on md .d-md-none .d-lg-block
Hidden only on lg .d-lg-none .d-xl-block
Hidden only on xl .d-xl-none
Visible on all .d-block
Visible only on xs .d-block .d-sm-none
Visible only on sm .d-none .d-sm-block .d-md-none
Visible only on md .d-none .d-md-block .d-lg-none
Visible only on lg .d-none .d-lg-block .d-xl-none
Visible only on xl .d-none .d-xl-block
hide on screens wider than lg
hide on screens smaller than lg
<div class="d-lg-none px-1 example">hide on screens wider than lg</div> <div class="d-none d-lg-block px-1 example bg-2">hide on screens smaller than lg</div>